Sally Pessin’s Bio

Maryland Guitar Teacher Since the inception of GuitarFun in 2005 Sally Pessin has taught hundreds of people how to play and enjoy the guitar. Sally, trained as a lawyer, is happy to have made the switch to being a guitar teacher. In addition to guitar, Sally is trained on flute, piano and voice. Over a ten-year period (1985-1994), Sally was a corporate trainer for LEXIS/NEXIS, giving her significant teaching experience.

Performing Experience

Sally Pessin Guitar TeacherSally spent time perfecting her craft as a singer-songwriter in the 80’s, appearing regularly at the legendary Cleveland Park pub, Gallagher’s. Sally has written over 50 original songs, many of them humorous. Sally was a stand-up comic in Washington, DC in the early 90’s, performing at Comic Relief ’90 at Lisner Auditorium. She appeared at the Comedy Café, and Garvins Comedy Club. She also opened for national comedian Brett Leake at the Bethesda Cinema and Drafthouse in January 1992. Represented by the Washington Talent Agency, Sally has performed for many private functions and events held at various venues in the Washington, DC area. In the early 90’s, Sally appeared on the variety shows of the nationally renowned musical comedy duo, the Pheromones with other musicians and comedians. Sally has 11 years of experience performing Broadway-based musical theater parodies at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre in Rockville, Maryland at the annual Montgomery County Bar Foundation’s Bar Revue show fundraiser. Sally also served as one of the comedy writers for this show. Most recently, Sally has performed at Mamapalooza and hosted Mamapalooza 2008, 2009, and 2011 (Washington, D.C. Chapter). Mamapalooza is a national organization with shows in many major U.S. cities, featuring mom musicians and bands.

Writing Experience

In addition to being a musician, Sally is a published author, has written many songs and introduces songwriting techniques in her guitar classes. Sally’s humor book (co-authored with Janice Haas), You Know You’ve Been A Stay-At-Home Mom Too Long When… was published by Quixote Press, 2004. It is available on In 2005, Sally was commissioned by award-winning journalist and author, Stephanie Gallagher to write and record a humor song for Gallagher’s website to promote her book, “The Gallagher Guide to the Baby Years.” (Atria Books, 2005). For the website, Sally’s wrote the lyrics and the music for the “Mommy Merry-Go-Round”© Sally Pessin. In the song, Sally captures the trials and tribulations of being a new mom. Currently, Sally has a humor blog on this website.