Bethesda MD Guitar Teacher

The Format

Guitar classes are taught in small groups with a maximum of five students organized by age. This makes for an ideal and intimate learning environment. The camaraderie is invaluable in providing the support and shared excitement of learning something new. The group class provides lots of laughs and helps the student to build social skills and make new friends outside of school. It also removing the pressure of a one-on-one situation. In addition to making weekly music lessons much more affordable, the group format creates a more relaxed atmosphere where students do not experience the intense scrutiny that is characteristic of a private lesson.

The Goal

GuitarFun’s goal is to provide students with the skills to play any song after eight 50-minute classes (one lesson per week). However, most GuitarFun students stay on for many more sessions to learn more advanced techniques and to receive new material. The goal is to establish a solid sense of rhythmic strumming and a fluency in changing chords. It also provides the foundation for an appreciation of how songs are structured with a little theory thrown in.

The Teacher

Sally Pessin is a very nurturing and patient teacher with over 25 years’ experience of playing, performing, singing, songwriting and teaching. She has also worked as a corporate trainer during a ten-year period, teaching adults with a wide variety of learning styles. Playing guitar and teaching guitar are completely different skill sets and Sally Pessin possesses both. For more information, Read Sally's Bio

The Environment

Classes are held at a convenient Bethesda location and take place in a peaceful and bright environment with ample windows providing natural light. Other music stores and music schools hold their lessons in cramped, small, interior practice rooms with artificial light.

The Material

GuitarFun incorporates the most current music as well as popular oldies such as the Beatles. The repertoire is flexible and Sally is receptive to students’ suggestions, adjusting the material to suit the tastes and abilities of the class. A wide variety and quantity of music are presented to keep the students focused and interested. Notes are also taught using the tablature method in order to play small riffs. Improvisational techniques are introduced as well.

The Recitals

Held one or two times per year, the recitals take place in a convenient location to provide performing opportunities for the students. There are several microphones for those who want to sing. A drummer and a pianist accompany the students for more of a band-like feel and sound. Students perform in groups and are not forced to memorize their music. This provides for a more relaxed and ultimately enjoyable experience for the student.  Families and friends are all welcome to attend the recitals where refreshments are served.


The classes are 50 minutes long and meet at various times during the week after school. The adult classes generally meet at 8 PM and run for an hour. Special moms’ classes are held during the school day.