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Outrageous Behavior Part III

Friday, January 18th, 2013
I should just call my humor blog my ranting and raving blog.  However, as I was talking to the friend of my 14-year old son this week, I found myself outraged again.  The friend, also 14 yrs old. went to his uncle's wedding in Chicago.  It was held in the Art Institute and was some hoity toity affair.  Apparently, the four children -- all close relatives, including this boy were permitted to attend the ceremony but were not invited to the reception because they wanted no kids. The bride's parents are loaded and apparently have a stick the size of Wyoming stuck up where the sun don't shine.  Because I love kids and work with them, this was unfathomable to me.  At our wedding, we invited a ton of kids and had special activities and and treats for them.  How much freaking noise would four, well-behaved kids make in a wedding reception with 200 people and a band? Another piece of outrageous news from these parts:  We had a soccer party for my son's team.   There was a list of dishes to sign up for.  I signed up for dessert.  One of the moms subsequently also signed up for dessert as well and told me that I was not to make brownies because she wanted to make brownies.  Obnoxious.  So of course, guess what I made? (I also made blondies too.)

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