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Do Kids Really Need Snacks at Soccer?

Friday, March 8th, 2013
There was a whole e-mail exchange amongst our soccer team parents about whether or not to continue with soccer snacks.  Our kids are in eighth grade and one parent's position was that they can live off of their body fat for at least an hour and a half.  One mom said she was ok with continuing the snack policy as long as healthy snacks were provided. This, of course, led to a whole discussion of what precisely constitutes a healthy snack.  Everyone agreed that Tofu on a Stick was healthy because the stick could be a good source of fiber.  Although personally, I enjoy a hearty tofu dish, some say it's like eating your pillow. What kids REALLY want is a snack with a prize in it like cereals that include a little matchbox car.  Remember when Cracker Jacks had really good prizes like a secret decoder ring?  The prize had no connection to the food.  It would have been more useful if the Cracker Jacks came with a prize of dental floss for all of the popcorn hulls that get stuck between your teeth.  If I send my husband to the grocery store, he inevitably comes back with bags of products that come with a free prize; it doesn't matter what the prize is.  The last time, it was a pink shower cap that came with the purchase of a bottle of shampoo.  We don't use that brand of shampoo, but if there's a prize, my husband will buy it.  Very Pavlovian!

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