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Mommy Merry Go Round

Friday, June 8th, 2012
My Dad's rendition of my dental work.02 The Mommy Merry-Go Round by Sally Pessin   Here is a song I wrote for a Simon and Schuster author's website to assist her in promoting her new baby book.  She hired me to write a humorous song about what it was like to be a new mother.  She took me into the studio, recorded me and then sent the CD to New York to have my voice sped up so it sounded like Alvin and the chipmunks (unadulterated version is here).  The video had an animated baby holding a guitar and singing the song.  (It had a face of a real baby so it was on the creepy side.)  A little parental warning here.  Some of the content is a little PG-13 if you are squeamish about nursing like my mother who kept saying "when are you going to stop that already?"  Like I was some sort of nicotine addict.  (My son was still an infant).

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