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Charging for Bags

Friday, November 9th, 2012
I am having no problem with this new law in our County that charges us a nickel per bag.  But apparently, the people who work the checkout counter are.  They say snarky things like, "so, I guess you didn't bring any bags DID you?"  I always feel as though I have to be apologetic about ruining the environment.  But hey, it's my environment too!  And I do re-use my own bags once of purchased them.  Usually just once though. Please tell me where I am supposed to put my disgusting pool shoes after I am done with water exercise class.  Directly into my canvas bag so they will leak out all over my car seat creating a mold and mildew stew inside my vehicle?  I feel like a rich snob when I am willing to pay for bags at the store.  Like some giant chemical company who will pay big fines to pollute because in the long run, it's more cost effective.

Eric and Izzy snoozing

How am I supposed to pack my husband's Fred Flintstone-sized lunch every day?  In a suitcase?  I actually need to double bag his lunch with those plastic bags because he takes three bottles of drinks to work for the day.  PLASTIC bottles!  Please don't send me hate mail --  my husband needs to stay hydrated!  I also pack a lot of fruit and veggies for him.  He can't be bogged down with reusable containers so I guessed it -- plastic baggies.  Sometimes I use foil.  Another big no-no.  What do other people do?  Take a smelly tupperware container that makes the sandwich tastes like dishwasher detergent residue (or do highly committed green folks even use dishwashers?  -- I think they do now that they took away our beloved phosphates.  I'm sending a bill to the legistators who took away my phosphates so they can  replace my filmy dishes with white crap all over them!)  And to punish folks like us who insist on buying bags, they have made them even cheaper so that they usually disintegrate somewhere between the store and the parking lot. The grocery store folks actually try to save me money and cram everything into as few bags as possible. Not helpful.  As soon as I leave the store and the bag breaks, smashing my jars and denting my cans.  Maybe people will appreciate the disposable bags a little more when they start getting sick from cross contamination of using their multipurpose re-usable bags for food and then for some biohazard like pool shoes (if you have ever had a case of athlete's foot, you'll know what I mean.  I thought I had grown webbed feet when I had it!)

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